Cired Madrid 2019

The 25th international conference and exhibition on electricity distribution

Round tables

Date Time Round tables
4 June 9:00-10:30   RT1 - Coordination of Response from DER
Convenor: Nathaniel Bottrell, Ricardo Energy and Environment (United Kingdom)
Session 4
11:00-12:30 RT2 - Single Line Faults and Earthing
Convenor: Ignaz Hübl, em KNG-Kärnten Netz (Austria)
Session 3
RT3 - Network Optimisation: Methodologies, Benefits, and Risk
Convenor: Simon Terry, Ricardo Energy and Environment (United Kingdom)
Session 4
14:30-16:00 RT4 - TSO / DSO interactions
Convenor: Carsten Boese, Erlanger Stadtwerke AG, Germany
Session 3 - Session 5
RT5 - Data: Transforming large volumes of data into useful information for utilities and network users
Convenor: Ricardo Prata, EDP Distribuição (Portugal)
Session 4
16:30-18:00 RT6 - Grid Operation 2030 - Digitalisation for Distribution System Operators
Convenor: Andreas Abart, Netz OÖ, Austria
Session 3
5 June 9:00-10:30 RT7 - PQ-phenomena related to New Technologies Results of CIGRE/CIRED Working Group C4.24
Convenor: Francisc Zavoda, Hydro-Québec (Canada)
Moderator: Jan Desmet, Ghent University (Belgium)
Session 2
RT8 - Cyber security in the DSO business
Convenor: Peter Kjær Hansen, Danish Energy (Denmark)
Session 6
11:00-12:30 RT9 - How much is too much ? Present experiences and future challenges for large-scale Power Quality monitoring
Convenor: Jan Meyer, Dresden University of Technology (Germany)
Session 2
RT10 - From technologies to new business models: Roadmaps for the digitalisation of the networks
Convenor: Ilaria Losa, RSE, Italy
Session 6
14:30-16:00 RT11 - Network operators talk: Case studies of recent Power Quality issues
Convenor: Herwig Renner, Graz University of Technology (Austria)
Session 2
RT12 - Flexibility and Local Markets
Convenor: Yvonne Ruwaida, Vattenfall Eldistribution AB (Sweden)
Session 6
16:30-18:00   RT13 - Future role of the DSO
Convenor: Dag Eirik Nordgård, SINTEF (Norway)
Session 6 - Session 5
6 June 9:00-10:30 RT14 - Resiliency in distribution planning and operation
Convenor: Giovanni Valtorta, e-distribuzione (Italy)
Session 5
RT15 - New components for MV and LV DC network and integration in grid planning
Convenor: Gerhard Jambrich, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)
Session 1 - Session 5
11:00-12:30 RT16 - New Planning Guidelines for Smart Distribution Grids
Convenor: Fabrizio Pilo, University of Cagliari (Italy)
Session 5 - Session 3
RT17 - Alternatives to SF6: Feedback from field application in MV distribution networks and perspectives
Convenor: Günter Kachelrieß, Siemens AG (ZVEI, T&D Europe) (Germany)
Session 1
14:30-16:00 RT18 - Distributed energy resources aggregation platforms for the provision of flexibility services
Convenor: Geza Joos, McGill University (Canada)
Session 5
RT19 - New sensors and algorithms for condition assessment of network components
Convenor: Uwe Kaltenborn, HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH (Germany)
Session 1



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